Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three King's on fire time an time again!!!

Rex with a nice bass
Hi all just back from another great trip to the Three Kings with
a good bunch of Kiwi boy's on their first trip to the Kings, fishing
was great as well as the weather. The king fish went very well for us
getting fifteen Kingfish over 30kg an the biggest weighed in at a
nice 39kg all on live baits this trip. Bass an Hapuka was also good
fishing the biggest puka went 47kg's a whopper of a Hapuka we
don't see too many Hapuka that big, some good Bass came
up as well making a good catch for the boys to take home.
We also got a nice stripey on the way up on our first day tagged
an released estimated at 120kg's sadly I missed out on getting
a photo with all the madness.
Cheers Steve.
Adam's nice 33kg king fish

Stu's 33kg Hapuka

Adam's monster Hapuka at 47kg's
Adam's monster 38kg


Rex with the 39kg beast

Adam with another hog of a Hapuka

Smeg with his 32kg king

Sam with a nice Bass

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