Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Three Kings Marlin on a Jig !!!

Tagged and ready for release this one on a lure
 Hi all, it's still all good at the kings with the latest group from Singapore tangling with some great kingi's, many in the high 20's and still quite a few over the hog mark of 30kg. And as the title states our first marlin on a jig !, very cool indeed with our man working a saltiga to its limits on a very angry striped marlin, twice we were down to just a few raps on the spool, after a exciting hour and a half we tagged an released a 120kg jig caught fish sorry no photo in the panic I just didn't get a shot never mind we won't forget it in a hurry that's for sure. till next week cheers Lance  
Daniel gets tested 

Jon with his first over thirty

Daniel 30kg

Feel the burn 33kg fatty

Jon Hooked up

Joseph 29kg 

Ricky with this 32kg king


Jon with another Good kingi at 33kg

Princess happy as with his 27kg kingi

Another solid 34kg kingi

Jon with The best at 35kg mule

Daniel struggles to lift his 41kg puka

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