Monday, April 7, 2014


Wog with  a nice king just under 30kg
Hi all just back from the Kings with a group of keen anglers from Australia on their first trip to NZ fishing it certainly passed all the boy's expectations with fishing an also the great weather we have had lately. The king fish went very well, the boys caught seven over 30kg an the biggest went 35kg an also a lot of fish going just shy of the 30kg mark, safe to say the boy's were blown away with the amount of power these fish have an everyone on the trip beat their PB's on the first day!!
As the boys were from Aussie we only had so many
chances to get a big bass but we manage to find a
couple before we had to stop with the biggest going
 48kg's!! an good consistent fishing as the bass are
coming up to spawning, Until next time.
Cheers Steve
Ray with a 32kg

Bob's 44kg Bass

Podgy With a nice fat 28kg king

Ray's 31kg

Podge on a horse!!

Bob's31kg gave him a fat lip

Ray with a 27kg

Wog with a 30kg

Ray's 29kg

Russlin's 32kg

Matt's 27kg fish

Ruslin with another around 30kg

Ray with another Hog!!!

Ray with the 35kg donkey

Russlin with his very nice 48kg bass

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