Sunday, April 6, 2014

Three Kings The islands on fire !

Robo the rod breaker  in action
 Hi all, just back from another smashing trip and this time it was the princess group  on fire, It's been a long time since we have seen such a hot bite at this very special place, and man do they pull hard in the shallow water 20kg fish fight like 30kg fish and so on, as robo the rod breaker found out photo explains. Bass and hapuka fishing is still  very good with not many drifts needed  to satisfy the folks back home, many hog sized puka to 40kg and bass biting hard as well. Marlin  put the icing on the cake with a very nice 130kg fish boated on the way home for the boys. Top trip all round, till next week Cheers Lance

Robo with his hog at 34kg

Croucher with a 28kg island fish

Croucher finding they fight very hard in shallow water

Robo again breaks the 30's

Jason happy with his 31kg kingi

Jason doing battle around the islands

Jason again with a solid kingi

Hogs at the island

Croucher 33kg fatty

Croucher with the best one at 35kg

Manny 33kg

Jason with a good bass

Spass with solid  hapuka

more monster puka

Tiny with his mule of a puka 

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