Saturday, April 12, 2014

Three Kings The Best of the Best

 Hi all, WOW the kings are on fire on all fronts at the moment, fishing up there is just simply the best of the best, the latest trip was a stunner in every way, with all  boxes ticked . Add to that some great weather with day after day of glassy calm seas and you just can't beat the place.Doesn't matter what you turn your hand too it comes under the label it's all good !! . Kingi fishing great, stick baiting great, kingi's around the island great, bass fishing great, puka fishing great. We even stuck gold with Norris landing a fantastic broadbill swordfish after 3 hours of battle in the middle of the night, then put the icing on the cake by Phu tagging a good striped marlin on the way home. Till  next week cheers Lance
Norris with his 220kg sword

Phu tags his first marlin

Brian with a solid island fish 32kg

Marcus on a hot bite around the islands 

Radley 34kg horse

Phu monster 38kg island fish

Norris  happy with his 28kg kingi

Brian with his 33 kg kingi

Marcus tests his synit Razer to the MAX !!!

Dan happy with his 31kg kingi

Phu takes to the stick baits

Toney stoked with his 51kg bad bass

Marcus breaks the 30's again

Dan lifts the best bass 56kg up for a photo

Allen with the best hapuka at 47kg

Radley with more mules around the islands

Dan again in the 30's

Boys on a hot bite

Allen pleased with his 31kg kingi

Marcus 38kg mule

Phu with the showstopper at 41kg !

Marcus close behind with this huge 39kg kingi

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