Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Three Kings Marlin on a Jig !!!

Tagged and ready for release this one on a lure
 Hi all, it's still all good at the kings with the latest group from Singapore tangling with some great kingi's, many in the high 20's and still quite a few over the hog mark of 30kg. And as the title states our first marlin on a jig !, very cool indeed with our man working a saltiga to its limits on a very angry striped marlin, twice we were down to just a few raps on the spool, after a exciting hour and a half we tagged an released a 120kg jig caught fish sorry no photo in the panic I just didn't get a shot never mind we won't forget it in a hurry that's for sure. till next week cheers Lance  
Daniel gets tested 

Jon with his first over thirty

Daniel 30kg

Feel the burn 33kg fatty

Jon Hooked up

Joseph 29kg 

Ricky with this 32kg king


Jon with another Good kingi at 33kg

Princess happy as with his 27kg kingi

Another solid 34kg kingi

Jon with The best at 35kg mule

Daniel struggles to lift his 41kg puka

Monday, April 28, 2014


The boy's with dinner
 Hi all just back from another stunner at the kings, this place continues to produce good catches trip after trip. King fish went very well with the help of some pretty good live bait fishing each morning, the boys landed fifteen king fish over 30kg and the biggest went 38kg the fishing up here is second to none at the moment. Our bottom fishing also went very good for us managing to find a couple of monster bass the biggest weighing in at 60kg before the scales blew to pieces!!. We also had some amazing diving around the island's we were lucky enough to stumble across a nest which was
absolutely packed with nice red's, awesome work boy's!!!
Cheers Steve

Dean's nice bass just under 50kg

Dean with a nice double
Steve's 3 kg king

Dean with the show stopper bass 60kg
Jason's nice bass

Steve with his tasty bluenose

Steve's 31kg king

Jason with his 34kg

Jason's 30kg

Dean with another in the low 30's

Steve with a fat 31kilo  king

Dean's 36kg

John's 38kg hog!!

John's 33kg fatty

Friday, April 25, 2014

More Mules at the Three Kings

45kg bass
 Hi all, well the kings are just turning great trips out this year one after the other, trip after trip the boys are experiencing simply stunning fishing with the latest no exception. We had some keen jiggers all the way from Singapore and man we knocked there socks off with a red hot bite on the kingis, we broke rods, reels and line in some great kingi  action.  We keep on saying this place is for the heaviest tackle ONLY, don't come up here under gunned or you will pay the price big time. Puka have been xox sized with the biggest going a huge 48kg simply unreal for puka, not too many drift's are needed for a good feed. Till next week cheers Lance 

31kg kingi

boy's getting into the action

30kg kingi

33kg kingi

35kg mule

34kg hog

another mid thirty's kingi

nice bass 38kg

Monster puka 48kg

Top water fun at the islands

28kg top water

26kg top water

The showstopper at massive 41kg !!

115kg stripey tagged ready for release

more in the high thirty's

Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Kings still going strong

Josh with a nice 27kg
Hi all just back from another trip to the kings with a bunch of keen kiwi anglers testing out there jigging skills an they were sure tested on some king fish on our first explosive session nearly every jig was getting smashed wearing the boys down after a few drifts, we didn't manage to break the 30kg mark this time but had lots of fish in the mid to high twenty's. We had some nice bass come up an some monster's we couldn't stop, the biggest bass went 60kg's an absolutely stunning fish to see come up from the depth's.
Cheers Steve
Derrick with a 26kg on a stick bait

Andrew with a 24kg

Craig with his 25kg king

Andrew with the 60g show stopper!!!

Andrew with a 23kg

Al with his 22kg king

Andrew's 26kg king

Derrick hooked up at the island's on a stick bait

Craig's nice bass

Josh with a 38kg bass

Sam an josh with a couple of great bass
ROAD CONE with his nice snapper