Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Kings Simply the Best

Scotty 33kg
 Hi all well the Three Kings is good and getting better on the hog sized reef thugs. Kingi fishing doesn't get much better with quantity or quality. Such a high standard of fish coming in at the moment, with kingis in the high 20's just released with out photo and cheering with comments like oh just another 3 kings rat !!!. The latest trip was with some good ol boys from across the ditch and man did they get beaten up bad with at times two on one rod tag teaming the mules in, and struggling to hold their fish up with deckie  Nip having to take over and help. No wonder we beat them at rugby Haha. Til next week cheers Lance     
Moose 35kg

Scotty holds 1 of many of his  30kg plus fish

Solid 34kg

Stevie 33kg

Shultz 38kg fatty

Scotty 31kg

Stevie 32kg

Mark 42kg mule of a fish

Jerry 36kg pig

Scotty again in the 30's

Scotty yet AGAIN

Brendon 39kg horse

Boy's getting very tired Nip helps Brendon to hold his fish up

Stevie scores more in the 30's

Aussy Tag Team in action 36kg

More in the high 30's

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