Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Three Kings on fire!!!!!

Hi all just back from our first trip to the kings an
The boys struggling with angry Mahi Mahi
wow it was an awesome way to start our season up here, on our first day traveling to the Three Kings we came across a dead whale an man it was loaded with Mahi Mahi so the boys through some light tackle stick baits an jigs at them an done very well managing to land 18 Mahi Mahi up to 12kg's an lost many more, was a very exciting session on the light tackle. The banks are producing some awesome fishing an good quality coming up as well the boys landed thirteen king fish over
30kg an three over 40kg weighed an released
with the biggest at 44kg, the three over 40kg
were all on one drift INSANE!!!!
The bottom fishing also went very well with the
biggest bass going 47kg  an a few more over 40kg
as well, what a awesome way to start our season at
the Three Kings!! Until next time.

Dan's 32kg
Cheers Steve

Awsome drift!!

Dan with the 41kg hog

Buzz with his 41kg bass

Photo doesn't show the size of Deans 44kg monster weighed

Buzz testing the drag on his reel, the facials say it all!!

Jaryd's 42kg pig

Aerick hooked up at the island

Buzz with a nice 34kg hapuka

Jaryd's 31kg at the island

Buzz with a very nice 38kg kingi

Aerick an his 34kg fatty

Oisin's nice 47kg Bass

Coxy's 44kg Bass

Buzz with a nice 31kg

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