Friday, March 14, 2014

Three Kings Kingi Heaven

Chris 33kg
 Hi all well the Three Kings is just smoking hot with monster kingi's at the moment. Kingi fishing just doesn't get better trip after trip the boy's are getting smashed and ripped around like rag doll's with hog sized angry kingfish, the latest trip was mind blowing with the team from Vantage windows north shore setting new boat records, Paul landing 10 over 30kg himself with his best just under the 40kg mark, the rest of the group all landing many mule sized fish  Sean landing the showstopper at 45kg. When all tallied up the group had landed no fewer than 25 kingi's over 30kg. Bass and hapuka bit well with only 3 hrs needed to satisfy the needs of the table. Marlin are still proving to be hard work with slow fishing at best, but not too many people are complaining with everything else on fire. Cyclone Lucy is going to slow us down with trips having to cancel out but watch for next week when we again head back up. Cheers Lance
Wiggy's 37kg hog

Sean struggles to lift this 45kg MONSTER

Chris 35kg mule

Pauly the window maker with 1 of his 10 over 30kg !!!

Sean with this whale at 39kg

Pauly 35kg

Pauly 38kg beast of a fish

Wiggy 32kg

pauly with one of his smaller fish 33kg

Sean 34kg average fish

Pauly 36kg

Chris 37kg more mule's

Pauly 36kg more monsters

Pauly's 39kg pig of a fish

Sean again in the high 30's

Sean breaks into the mule market again with this fine 35kg

Pauly try's his hand at stickbaiting 31kg nice one

Pauly not only slay's the kingi's but pulls puka 2 at a time

Wiggy's double of big bluenose

Wiggy's nice bass

Sean with the best puka at 42kg

Pauly with a monster bluenose 23kg

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