Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Three Kings Keep the good times rolling

James with a very rare 42kg yellow fin
 Hi all, The Three Kings are rolling good trips out one after the other, the latest trip was no exception with the boy's having a field day to say the least. Talk about tick all the boxes and then some, everything on the list even a very rare yellow fin tuna, Throw in some hog sized kingi's and a monster blue marlin then finish on epic sized bass and hapuka  does fishing get any better ??. The yellow fin was one of a double with a much larger one being lost at the boat rare as for us as  this is the first YFT we have seen in 6 years of fishing sad but true. This  place is called The Three Kings because it RULES. Till next week cheers Lance
Jim with his stunning 241kg blue Marlin

Alec 34kg

James 30kg

Troy 35kg

Alec 41kg monster

Jim locked in battle

Jim happy with his 32kg kingi

Hot bite on the Middlesex bank everyone hooked up

Dave with his 33kg kingi

James with a solid 36kg model

Alec again breaks the 30kg mark

More kingi madness with everyone bent bad

Mike happy with his 33kg kingi

Mike feels the burn

Kingi's so big they took 2 to land (softy's)

Troy holds up the best hapuka at 38kg

Alec holds up the best bass at 52kg !!!!

Troy's monster double 85kg total

Dave's 35kg fatty

James 34kg hog

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