Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stick baiting at its finest!!

Chris with a 33kg king
Hi all well what a awesome trip we have just come back form at the Ranfurly banks, we had some insane top water and jigging action with a couple of nice surprises getting 14 kingfish over 30kg and many fish in the high twenty's with the biggest at 36kilo's wich tested the boy's gear an themselves. We also got into some awesome marlin fishing landing three striped marlin and one of them was genuinely caught on a stick bait!! not teased with lures but actually targeting the fish on a meat ball of pilchards that we found, a truly awesome feat to accomplish on a stick bait an the very next day we had THREE marlin next to the boat chasing our stick baits for twenty minutes but only to pull the hooks on another
marlin. Its great to see plenty of marlin an bait on the bank
at the moment proving to be the start of a great game season
for us.
Cheers Steve
Matty with a nice 32kg

Nick hooked up!

Nick with a 30kg

Mick's 28kg Hapuka

Matt hooked up to his marlin

Tagging Bruce's marlin estimated 115kg

Mick an his 36kg hog

Bruce's 32kg monster

Matt's marlin estimated at 80kg

Marlin on a stick bait!!!!

Nicks marlin estimated 120kg on a lure

Couldn't have got a beta hook up, well done Matty!!!!

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