Monday, March 31, 2014

Spearo's Hit the Kings

Darcy with his 35kg P.B 
 Hi all, just back from the kings with a keen group of spearo's that mixed it up with a combination of fishing and free diving, and what better place to do it than the Three Kings. The results were stunning with some real monsters taken on the spear and just about as good with the rods as well. Bass and puka bit well with the best bass coming in at just over 50kg and  kingi fishing again being smoking hot !!!! again breaking the 40's, trip after trip this kingi fishing is as good as it gets with monster kingis biting their tits off long may it last. The only thing slow is the marlin fishing with very few fish at the kings, if its marlin you are after there is more on the coast than the kings, but as we keep saying who really  cares with everything else on fire !!. till next week cheers Lance

Alister  with his beast at 39kg

Steve's solid 32kg kingi

Darcy's MONSTER 42kg on rod n reel

Dave with a nice 31kg model

Mark holds up his 32kg rod n reel kingi

Mark with the best speared kingi  45kg

Spearo's take to the rods with more over 30kg

Darcy again smashes the 30's with this 34kg fatty

Mark's MULE at 37kg

James happy with his 33kg thug

Dave with a solid bass

James with the showstopper bass 51kg

James stoked with his first speared kingi 24kg

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