Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monsters of the deep!!

Johny's 42kg puka
 Hi all just back from our final trip to the ranfurly an
 what a good trip it was to finish on, although the weather
was bad only giving us one day on the bank an we sure done
the damage in that short time. Mainly focusing on bottom fish
 to start with we managed to get sum very nice fish an also
good numbers resulting in big bluenose an hapuka up to 44kg.
We didn't have many live bait or time for king fish but it was enough
for us getting many fish in the twenty's an two over 30kg's with
the biggest at 38kg awesome day to finish on at the ranfurly,
Three kings here we come!!!
Cheers Steve
Brendon's nice 31kg king fish

Bruce with his 38kg puka

A very nice bluenose at 26kg

Brendon's awesome double header

Bruce with another hog at 40kg

Johny with the 38kg horse

Another awesome hapuka at 37kg

Mike with a nice mahi mahi on the way home

Mike with a 28kg hapuka

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