Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hog's at Ranfurly

An awesome double header from Kevin
Hi all just got back from another awesome trip at
the Ranfurly banks, this time we had good old kiwi
bait fisherman who had a blast at the banks for their
first time. We had some good kingi fishing with live
baits, every single bait that went down didn't last long
before they got smashed, the boys managed to get five
Kingfish over 30kg an the biggest went a whopping 45kg
an awesome fish. Bottom fishing was also very good
getting good numbers, double headers an good size as well
with the biggest Hapuka weighing in at 41kg's a very good
size they don't get much bigger than that. We didn't
come across any marlin this trip but we managed to get a nice
little mahi mahi for dinner.
Cheers Steve

Norms massive 45kg kingi weighed on board

Bish with a nice 30kg hapuka

Scotty with the 41kg monster puka

All four boys hooked up to puka

Scotty with a 31kg

Norms mahi mahi

Kevin's 34 kg hapuka

Norm's 35kg king

Kevin's 28kg king

Scotty's bluenose

Kevin an Norm's 30kg an 32kg

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