Saturday, February 22, 2014

Top water south african style

 Hi all we just took a group of South Africans
to ranfurly for top water with a different style called
plugging which is a little different to stick baiting
using plugs an very long rods and over head reel's.
Kingi's are still smashing bait on the surface and lots
of them, one angler managed to 85 kingfish in one
day! an some good ones as well with many fish in
the twenty's an our biggest going 33kg an what a fight
that was on these long rods it was awesome to watch.
Now the boys from the trip are on there way to the
three kings with enchanter to try jigging for these monster's.
Cheers Steve
Nick with a nice 22kg fish
Brian's 33kg hog

Greg with a 24kg

Nick getting tested on a stick bait

Greg's 7kg snapper on a live bait

Roy's 23kg

Brian an his plugging rod in action

Roy's 25kg

Nick with a nice 27kg fish

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