Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three Kings GIANTS ON THE LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe with his 44 kg monster
 Hi all, well there are some serious giants on the lose at the kings that's for sure. Just back from our first trip and WOW the boys from Jigstar Africa have had a slammer of a trip on the reef thugs. The place is just on fire with us arriving at the king bank and on the very first drift of the trip Joe Lands this monster of a kingi that went 44kg what a start, they went on to smash monster kings day in and day out with the tally braking all  previous boat records, when the dust settled they had landed 5 over 40kg and 22 over 30kg. Never before had we had such high numbers of monster kings in one trip, if this is the start of what's to come hold onto your hats cause it's going to be a wild ride that's for real. possibly why they had such  impressive numbers was the gear that they were  using, all on 100lb braid and 130lb flouro leaders. Some epic battles unfolded with time and time again the boys staying connected to the hogs that they had hooked , sure there were fish that smoked them but not many we cannot stress enough that if you come to places like this you need the good gear, don't take a knife to a gun fight you will lose every time.   till next week cheers Lance
Stephan top water at the islands

Stephan 35kg top water

Johan 32kg

Johan 31kg

Ginkel 34kg

Ginkel getting smoked

Ginkel 35kg

Trompie  getting railed

Trompie 34kg

Joe 41kg

Johan 40kg

Trompie 34kg

Trompie 32kg

Pat 31kg

Ginkel 42kg

Stephan 38kg

Joe nice Hapuka

Trompie 30kg Bass

One drift on full house rock

Stephan feels  the burn

Joe RAILED AS BRO !!!!!!!

Trompie 33kg

Stephan 42kg mule

Trompie 37kg

mahimahi  14kg

Bad bunch of buggers at the island

Trompie 32kg

Boys in action

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