Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ranfurly Stick Bait Heaven

Weng 33kg

Ronnie 34kg with it's tail missing
 Hi all , well Ranfurly Banks should be called the stick bait banks, because the top water is GOING OFF BIG TIME !!!, we have had one of the most insane top water fishing trips I have seen for a very long time. Monster kingi's prowling the shallows beating up anything in there way, at times we had packs of big fish shouldering each other out of the way and smashing the stick baits sometimes completely out of the water. Richard Fong lead a keen group of Singapore jiggers to an amazing few days on the Ranfurly with all the boys  braking the magic mark of 30kg and some of them several times, and to match the great fishing they had to put up with day after day of variable winds and glassy calm seas, some guy's get all the luck. Till next week  cheers Lance
Melvin with a nice puka

Weng doing battle

Richard 38kg top water

5 hooked up at once

David 35kg

Long 35kg bass

Weng 28kg top water

Boys hooking up everywhere

M.M  35kg top water

Ultimo stick bait does the damage

Richard with a good puka on the jig

Weng  31kg top water

Long 32kg top water

Double hook up's were common

Richard 36kg top water

Long 30kg top water

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