Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tackle testing on the Ranfurly

Matoshi  33kg
Hi all, this week we have had the top water guru Konishi Kenji and his friends on the Ranfurly doing some serious tackle testing on a new range of rods and lures, and what better place to test it out. Top water went well with many kingis in the high 20's and a few braking the 30's as well. Then there was the new jig rods to test and test they did with the kingi's coming on the bite well with lots of multiple hook ups and fish to 34kg being boated, to their  credit all new gear came through with flying colours not one rod broken and  some mean drag weights  up as high as 20kg of drag were applied. Till next week cheers Lance
Fanus  34kg

Atsushi  31kg

Fanus 25kg top water

 Slappy holds up a 32kg for our tired angler

Fanus 27kg top water

Matoshi  happy with his first jig caught Hapuka

Long with a nice puka

Long with a monster Gemfish

Atsushi Tackle testing to the MAX 20kg of drag !!!

Matoshi 30kg

Fanus with a nice bass

Atsushi 32kg kingi

Konishi 29kg top water

Fanus 28kg top water

Osamu 31kg top water

Konishi 28kg top water

Atsushi and Konishi 26kg and 33kg

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