Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fishoholic's raid White Island

Bryan 32kg kingi
Hi all, well White isle has sure been firing well with the last few trips out there coming up trumps with some stonking great Bluenose, in fact  some of the best bluenose fishing we have seen for many years with many double header and even treble headers being common place. The latest group was the Fishoholic's fishing club from Auckland and not only great bluenose but kingi's to the size of 39kg were had, even our crewman David (slappy) had to have a crack at it and nailed his P.B king that went 37kg. cheers Lance
Bryan 14kg Bluenose

George 18kg Bluenose

Many double headers

23kg bluenose

Dane's monster Bluenose

Slappy's  P.B 37kg kingi

George with the show stopper at 39kg

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