Sunday, December 29, 2013

Awsome bottom fishing at white island

Everyone got to enjoy kingi's at white
Hi all, well Christmas time is certainly proving
to be a awesome time to fish White this year
with some awesome kingi fishing, hooking up
drift after drift on every bait and good consistent
size ranging from 18kg up to 27kg. We have also
been seeing some good action at night time with
some big packs of kingfish and swarms of flying
fish crashing into the boat.
The bluenose fishing proved to be second to
none which is great to see at white island, so
good that nearly every bait brought up a fish
and good size bluenose as well. Water temp is
also great at the moment reaching up to 21
degrease an very blue, our first game fish for
the season can't be too far away.
Cheers Steve

Wallace with a big blue dog

Marcy's 22kg kingi

Jarred's double

Another good double

Te'ho with his 20kg


Jason's mean double

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