Sunday, December 29, 2013

Awsome bottom fishing at white island

Everyone got to enjoy kingi's at white
Hi all, well Christmas time is certainly proving
to be a awesome time to fish White this year
with some awesome kingi fishing, hooking up
drift after drift on every bait and good consistent
size ranging from 18kg up to 27kg. We have also
been seeing some good action at night time with
some big packs of kingfish and swarms of flying
fish crashing into the boat.
The bluenose fishing proved to be second to
none which is great to see at white island, so
good that nearly every bait brought up a fish
and good size bluenose as well. Water temp is
also great at the moment reaching up to 21
degrease an very blue, our first game fish for
the season can't be too far away.
Cheers Steve

Wallace with a big blue dog

Marcy's 22kg kingi

Jarred's double

Another good double

Te'ho with his 20kg


Jason's mean double

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ranfurly Stick Bait Heaven

Weng 33kg

Ronnie 34kg with it's tail missing
 Hi all , well Ranfurly Banks should be called the stick bait banks, because the top water is GOING OFF BIG TIME !!!, we have had one of the most insane top water fishing trips I have seen for a very long time. Monster kingi's prowling the shallows beating up anything in there way, at times we had packs of big fish shouldering each other out of the way and smashing the stick baits sometimes completely out of the water. Richard Fong lead a keen group of Singapore jiggers to an amazing few days on the Ranfurly with all the boys  braking the magic mark of 30kg and some of them several times, and to match the great fishing they had to put up with day after day of variable winds and glassy calm seas, some guy's get all the luck. Till next week  cheers Lance
Melvin with a nice puka

Weng doing battle

Richard 38kg top water

5 hooked up at once

David 35kg

Long 35kg bass

Weng 28kg top water

Boys hooking up everywhere

M.M  35kg top water

Ultimo stick bait does the damage

Richard with a good puka on the jig

Weng  31kg top water

Long 32kg top water

Double hook up's were common

Richard 36kg top water

Long 30kg top water

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fishoholic's raid White Island

Bryan 32kg kingi
Hi all, well White isle has sure been firing well with the last few trips out there coming up trumps with some stonking great Bluenose, in fact  some of the best bluenose fishing we have seen for many years with many double header and even treble headers being common place. The latest group was the Fishoholic's fishing club from Auckland and not only great bluenose but kingi's to the size of 39kg were had, even our crewman David (slappy) had to have a crack at it and nailed his P.B king that went 37kg. cheers Lance
Bryan 14kg Bluenose

George 18kg Bluenose

Many double headers

23kg bluenose

Dane's monster Bluenose

Slappy's  P.B 37kg kingi

George with the show stopper at 39kg

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Great weekend at white island

Hi all we had a great time at white island on Cova rose this
weekend with some spectacular bluenose
fishing, getting good numbers an also good size
which is great to see out here at white and its

Warren's 22 kg blue nose
only getting beta. The kingi fishing was awesome
as well although we didn't crack the 30's we had
great numbers consistently hooking up up each
drift making the boys very tired. Water temp is
looking great as well, close to 20 degrees, the
first marlin cant be far away, bring it on!!
Cheers Steve

Andy's 24kg kingi

Mean drift

Paul's double

Scott's nice double of bluenose

Warren with his 23kg kingi

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tackle testing on the Ranfurly

Matoshi  33kg
Hi all, this week we have had the top water guru Konishi Kenji and his friends on the Ranfurly doing some serious tackle testing on a new range of rods and lures, and what better place to test it out. Top water went well with many kingis in the high 20's and a few braking the 30's as well. Then there was the new jig rods to test and test they did with the kingi's coming on the bite well with lots of multiple hook ups and fish to 34kg being boated, to their  credit all new gear came through with flying colours not one rod broken and  some mean drag weights  up as high as 20kg of drag were applied. Till next week cheers Lance
Fanus  34kg

Atsushi  31kg

Fanus 25kg top water

 Slappy holds up a 32kg for our tired angler

Fanus 27kg top water

Matoshi  happy with his first jig caught Hapuka

Long with a nice puka

Long with a monster Gemfish

Atsushi Tackle testing to the MAX 20kg of drag !!!

Matoshi 30kg

Fanus with a nice bass

Atsushi 32kg kingi

Konishi 29kg top water

Fanus 28kg top water

Osamu 31kg top water

Konishi 28kg top water

Atsushi and Konishi 26kg and 33kg