Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ranfurly Rippers

Sakai 31kg

Boys hard at work
 Hi all, well the Ranfurly is starting to turn out some ripping trips one after the other in the way of some Hog xos sized  kingi's. The latest trip with sakai and his friends from Japan had a ball tangling with some red  hot kingi action, all the boys braking the 30kg mark and Horikawa landing the monster of the pack at 38kg, Some of the best bites were on the Ranfurly south spot, with birds and fish busting the surface resembling a war zone. First time this season that we have fished the Ranfurly south spot, we might just have to sneak back there on the next trip and check it out again. Till next week cheers Lance
Koda with a nice 30kg kingi

Horikawa 32kg

Okura nice 19kg Bluenose

Katagiri happy with his first Hapuka on a jig

Yokoyama  33kg

Katagiri 34kg hog

Koda 35kg

Ranfurly south on fire, War zone

Horikawa 38kg  monster

Phil our crewman holds up a kingi for our tired Angler 31kg

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