Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ranfurly return of the giants

Mike 30kg
 Hi all just back from the banks with the jigging guru Chris Wong and his merry jigging men, and as the title states its land of the giants. Water temps have risen to 17c and the kingis are in full swing the boys had a absolute stunner of a trip with no fewer than 14 yes that's right 14 kingi's over 30kg and Craig's donkey that went a massive 46kg. It really was as good as it gets with day after day a red hot kingi bite that tested man and gear to the max. This is the time of year we all look forward to as the kingis feed up large to pre spawning sometimes biting jigs or baits that they may normally bypass. Puka are again slow with no monsters but with the kingi's in full swing who cares let's just tangle with the big boys on the lose at the moment . till next week cheers Lance  

Craig  46kg 

Werner 33kg

Nick 32kg

Werner 34kg

Alan 31kg

Nick getting tested

Nick 30kg

Nick 35kg

Mike 36kg

Chris railed as

Chris 38kg

Werner 34kg

Everyone hooked up on a hot bite

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