Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ranfurly Banks

31kg Ranfurly mule

Top water going off
 Hi all, each week there is big changes going on with this week seeing a rapid change in water temps from 15c to 17c and with it top water going off big time,  we have seen packs of big (20-30kg) kingis smashing the stick baits like no tomorrow, nothing like top water to get you all fired up with many of the groups rating  it so highly, and why not with the explosive visuals you get with it. Puka again are biting there heads off with full rails bent with rods, only needing to do a few drifts to satisfy the folks back home, only problem seems to be size with so many medium sized fish and not able to release this valuable stock we find that we have to move on before the monster of the pack finds our offerings, still not a bad problem when you think about it. Till next week cheers Lance   
Allan 26kg top water

18kg top water

High stick heaven

More in the high 20's

Puka fishing on jigs everyone hookup

Nice top water kingi

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