Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ranfurly Banks steady as she goes

Jimmy 30kg on top water
Hi all well the Ranfurly  is starting to pick the pace up with a more consistent bite on both kingi's and puka, still the water temps are low and the kingi's not really firing like they should, but watch this space that will change. Hapuka was the big mover this week with some stunning results ending in just 2 drifts to satisfy the needs of plenty of table fish for the folks back home, and Franus  the bass slayer again taking out the tital for biggest bass on the trip at 38kg. The weather was  not flash for the first day of the trip so a decision was made to fish white island and then turn east for the ranfurly, what a good call this was as the fishing there had been patchy at best, fired up big time with the best top water fish and a few others in the high 20's great start to the trip for sure. Well its steady as she goes as we head into one of the best times of the season to nail monster kings, I for one can't wait so till next week cheers Lance
Vlom 28kg

Leanne 26kg top water

Leanne 32kg on a jig

Vlom 34kg hog on the jig

Franus 38kg Bass

Jimmy solid 28kg kingi

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