Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hot kingi action at white

Hi all, well what a awesome day it was at white
island today the kingi fishing was red hot!!
Happy boys
nearly every bait that went in the water turned
 into a big kingi,we managed to get 1 that went
the 30kg mark an nearly all the rest in between
19-25kg, It was awesome to see white
producing like this an consistently over the
past week.
Cheers Steve

Chris's 22kg
Chris's 31kg

Jeremy"s 27kg

George with his 23kg kingi

Getting tested

Jeremy's 29kg

Ranfurly Rippers

Sakai 31kg

Boys hard at work
 Hi all, well the Ranfurly is starting to turn out some ripping trips one after the other in the way of some Hog xos sized  kingi's. The latest trip with sakai and his friends from Japan had a ball tangling with some red  hot kingi action, all the boys braking the 30kg mark and Horikawa landing the monster of the pack at 38kg, Some of the best bites were on the Ranfurly south spot, with birds and fish busting the surface resembling a war zone. First time this season that we have fished the Ranfurly south spot, we might just have to sneak back there on the next trip and check it out again. Till next week cheers Lance
Koda with a nice 30kg kingi

Horikawa 32kg

Okura nice 19kg Bluenose

Katagiri happy with his first Hapuka on a jig

Yokoyama  33kg

Katagiri 34kg hog

Koda 35kg

Ranfurly south on fire, War zone

Horikawa 38kg  monster

Phil our crewman holds up a kingi for our tired Angler 31kg

Thursday, November 28, 2013

White Island fires up

27kg kingi

26kg kingi
 Hi all white island has really upped the ante. In the last few trips there has been some great kingi bites as Latoa and his mates found out on the weekend. The boys had a red hot session on the reef thugs with all the boys keeping one and releasing many more until the time came to head for home. Great  to see that the smokey ile can still produce the goods in the way of some world class king's. Till next week cheers Lance
34kg of white island donkey

Happy boys

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ranfurly is going off!!

Jacks 30kg
Hi all, well the ranfurly has definitely fired up in the last couple weeks with some awesome kingi fishing on the jigs lately getting 5 over 30kg  with the biggest weighing in at 38kg this trip, great for the boys who travelled all the way from china just to fish with us.

                                                                                      We also had some great bottom fishing again this trip with good numbers an we also
managed to hook onto a monster bass of the
         deep weighing in at a whopping 55kg!! Its great to
see that these huge fish are still down there
waiting to b hooked!
Cheers Steve. 
Alan's gear being tested on this fish

Alan with a 30kg puka

Alan's 38kg bass 

Alan again with a nice hapuka

Jacks 55kg bass!

Xiong with his 38 kg horse

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ranfurly return of the giants

Mike 30kg
 Hi all just back from the banks with the jigging guru Chris Wong and his merry jigging men, and as the title states its land of the giants. Water temps have risen to 17c and the kingis are in full swing the boys had a absolute stunner of a trip with no fewer than 14 yes that's right 14 kingi's over 30kg and Craig's donkey that went a massive 46kg. It really was as good as it gets with day after day a red hot kingi bite that tested man and gear to the max. This is the time of year we all look forward to as the kingis feed up large to pre spawning sometimes biting jigs or baits that they may normally bypass. Puka are again slow with no monsters but with the kingi's in full swing who cares let's just tangle with the big boys on the lose at the moment . till next week cheers Lance  

Craig  46kg 

Werner 33kg

Nick 32kg

Werner 34kg

Alan 31kg

Nick getting tested

Nick 30kg

Nick 35kg

Mike 36kg

Chris railed as

Chris 38kg

Werner 34kg

Everyone hooked up on a hot bite

Sunday, November 17, 2013

White island weekend on fire!!

Isaac's 27kg bluenose
Hi all, well white island is certainly on fine
form at the moment producing some spectacular
fishing for both king fish and also the bottom
fishing proved easy work for us this weekend
getting some nice bass and an big bluenose
which is great to see out here at white.
Paora with a nice 25kg
The kingis definitely put on a good show for the
boys this trip taking advantage of the early morning
bite time at the moment although bait is proving
hard to get at the moment with the full moon, we
managed to get enough for a awesome time battling
with the horse kingis landing 2 at the 30kg mark!
Cheers Steve
Mete just cracked the 30kg

Paora's 31k bass

Happy boyz

Hilton's 31kg

Tom with a nice tagged fish

Everyone hooked up!