Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ranfurly Banks it starts

Lal  with his 27kg kingi

Cornelius with a good eating puka 
 Hi all, well with Enchanter all spruced up and rearing to go the first trip for the new season was claimed  by those jigging fanatics at Yeehaa, and the banks produced some great fishing with many good sized hapuka  and bass, Andrius took out both titals with his P.B bass at 46kg and his P.B hapuka at 38kg  Well done that man. Luke from yeehaa also scored well with many kingis in the late 20's with the best just under 30kg. This was the first trip down the banks so watch this space now as Enchanter and Cova Rose both have a steady diet of banks trips and the water temps warming mean the kingis are about to start pack attacking and feeding up big time for there sparwn later next month. we say bring it on spring fishing is a blast. till next week cheers Lance

Sharky holds up his monster trumpeter

Luke with another good puka

Andrius with the best bass at 46kg 

Luke again with a kingi in the high 20's

Andrius with the best puka at 38kg

Luke had a blinder with this just under the 30kg mark

Cornelius hooked up solid