Monday, September 2, 2013

Bluefin Tuna Records Fall

tim locked in battle
 Hi all, well just finished a stunning trip with Leanne and Tim Jones of Auckland, Leanne was here to have a crack at the womens 60kg line class record and Tim's wish list was a good fish on board then have a go with the silly string (24kg). First in the chair was Tim and up to the task nailed a 304kg fish in about 90mins, great start to the trip but now for the hard stuff , Leanne's turn in the chair and 3 hours later she was locked in the battle of her life, from hook up to gaff's going in was an unbelievable 45mins, man this chick is tough never giving the fish an inch. Next night was their good friend Kasey's turn for a shot at these big boy's and he didn't have to wait too long before line started screaming off the 130 wide and he too was hooked into a brutal battle of wil, tag was placed after an hour and the fish released to fight another day. Again Tim took the chair but this time armed with 24kg yer right was my first thought, so when line started peeling from the baby 50 wide and just didn't stop for 700mtrs and not much line left on the reel we were in real trouble but to Tim's credit bit by bit he started to get line back and after a short time he was in control of the runway, tag was placed and the fish est at 240kg well done that man !!. Back at Greymouth Leanne's fish smashed the old line class record by 80kg when it pulled the scales down to 294.5kg, Tims weighing 304.5kg Tuna fishing at it's best, till next week Lance

304kg bluefin
Leanne 294.5kg

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