Monday, August 26, 2013

West coast bluefin

Craig feels the burn

260kg of prime bluefin
 Hi all just back from a 72hr blue fin  tuna trip, we had the boys from Yeehaa fishing in Auckland all pumped and rearing to go, but again the weather meant we had to wait for a small window in which to do the trip, and small it was with again trying to fish in 40kts. But the boys were up to the challenge and to there credit all on stand up gear as well, not for me trying to do battle with these giants on stand up it's a bit like David and Goliath. When all the dust settled they had gone 2 from 5 on these beasts, first one at 260kg for Craig and 285kg for his son Brad, well done guy's you sure deserved them with what the weather threw at us, two were lost on trawl cables and 1 hook pulled.  till next week cheers Lance.
Gordy pitches a bait at a trawler

Brad putting  the acid on his bluefin

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