Friday, August 30, 2013

Tag Team Tuna

Tag team in action
 Hi all , latest group on the Bluefin were here to catch one, any way they could and if that meant one winding, one lifting, and one pulling so be it, we called it IGFA which in this case meant I got it f##@king  A .   The end result was a good fish that taped out at 250kg, the boys did just the one night and headed back with their  catch.  Till  next week cheers Lance
250kg blue fin

Monday, August 26, 2013

West coast bluefin

Craig feels the burn

260kg of prime bluefin
 Hi all just back from a 72hr blue fin  tuna trip, we had the boys from Yeehaa fishing in Auckland all pumped and rearing to go, but again the weather meant we had to wait for a small window in which to do the trip, and small it was with again trying to fish in 40kts. But the boys were up to the challenge and to there credit all on stand up gear as well, not for me trying to do battle with these giants on stand up it's a bit like David and Goliath. When all the dust settled they had gone 2 from 5 on these beasts, first one at 260kg for Craig and 285kg for his son Brad, well done guy's you sure deserved them with what the weather threw at us, two were lost on trawl cables and 1 hook pulled.  till next week cheers Lance.
Gordy pitches a bait at a trawler

Brad putting  the acid on his bluefin

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


going STAND UP  bring it on
Hi all ,well the big boys have finally turned up on the west coast. With a keen group of Chinese fishers armed with there own camera man for Chinese TV and heavy stand up gear to do battle with the giant Bluefin, the boys got more than what they bargained for with the first fish ripping them off there feet and around the cockpit like rag doles, took the best part of 2hrs to bring the first one to the boat and when pulled aboard taped out at a massive 285kg first fish for the season and what a stunner, three hours later the next was hooked and brought to the boat in very short time (that is for Bluefin) of 50mins, the fish was  released est 250kg. The boys have to wait three more hours before the next one was hooked and played for 2 1/2 hours before the tag was placed an fish released at 260kg , then again first bait was bit only to break off shortly after ,great first night boys were stoked with there first taste of these monsters. Night two we were all ready to rock and the wind came away from the ne at 25kts and by 9pm we had 35 -40kts reluctantly we had to turn away  and run to the south with 4mtrs and 40kts of weather crashing over the transom in the middle of the night sure thankful of 35 ton and 56ft of cova rose beneath us not a place for the faint hearted. Night three had the weather broken and us back on the fish, took half the night to get a bite only to break it off dam, an hour later we got hooked up again and sadly the fish died in the fight and came to the boat with no life so pulled aboard an taped out at 272kg. great start with us going 4 from 6 , the helm was turned for Westport and we took back a very tired croup of Chinese gents. til next week cheers Lance

272kg bluefin

285kg Bluefin