Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Biggest Jig caught Kingi Ever !!!!!

Walter trying to hold up this massive fish for a photo
Hi all well what a trip we just had, it had everything from stormy 5 mtr seas to flat glassy calm, with fishing to match with the biggest kingi  I have ever seen to monster bass and even big snapper, wow were do I start well will start at the top with Walter Wells and his 51kg jig caught kingi. This kingi was nailed on a jig in 80 mtr's of water an it was an epic battle that took over 30 minutes to bring to the boat , it was sling weighed at at massive 51kg and with 10 people to witness the weight it was quick photo's and then released to grow bigger and fight another day. The decision to release it was made as we were on day 1 of a five day trip and the fish would have been on ice for 5 days before returning to port, the fish would not have been in great shape to eat after 5 days, it was very close to the world record but it wasn't a record, and to kill such a fish for just that made Walter want to release it, and a big pat on the back to that man as I don't know how many men would have done the same. The photo's just don't do this fish justice as always with monster fish they are hard to hold up for good photo's, as they must be cradled  for good release. Walter is not a small guy at 5ft 9 and I can not tell you his weight as he might read this and find me, but you get the drift this fish dwarf's him. Roll on the next trip the Three Kings Rock !! till next week cheers Lance. and remember people there is a 51kg kingi swimming around up there growing bigger by the day watch out. !!!        
This is another shot trying to show it's size

3rd photo to try and show it's size

Jimmy with a nice 28kg kingi

Pearcey's  46kg bass

Craig with a respectable 38kg bass 

Mark with his 32kg kingi

Pearcey's 34kg kingi

Pearcey's 53kg bass 

Patty 35kg kingi

Walter 14lb snapper

Pearcey's  18lb snapper

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