Friday, June 7, 2013

More Three King Mules

Chris  33kg
 Hi all, well the three kings is just on fire at the moment in the way of hog kingis and monster bass. There are truly some monsters on the lose up there smashing baits, jigs and fisherman that get in there way, the latest trip was no exception with the boys at times getting railed and thrown around like rag dolls. But to there credit they landed some stunning fish with the best bass going 51kg and the best kingi pulling the scales down to a smoking 46kg thats the old 100lb kingi, unreal has been one way to describe the fishing at present. Marlin seem to be very thin on the ground and with falling water temps now it's just about a dead duck but with everything else on fire who really cares just keep the monsters coming trip after trip and the boys will be happy as. till next week cheers Lance      
David getting worked hard

David's 35kg

Reece with his 36kg

Chris with a nice bass

David with a 47 kg brute of a bass

Chris with the showstopper at 51kg

Reece 40kg bass

Anthony with a 45kg model  

David 38kg mule

Chris working the 50g synit

Anthony 39kg hog

Reece again smashes the 30's

Boys on there morning workout

Chris with his 46kg pig of a fish

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