Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monsters On the Loose

Lance 35kg

Stu 38kg
 Hi all, well  they say June is big bass month and they are RIGHT. There are monsters on the lose up at the kings with the bass now in full spawn, bass fishing doesn't  get any better with mostly doubles and the average size fish in the 40kg bracket, in fact it's too good with the last trip spending 2 hours out of 5 days bass fishing, with the job done and having to drive away. We keep saying that these fish must be respected as they are very slow growing and can suffer from over fishing easily, good to see that most groups are happy to take a feed and move on to other species. Kingi fishing is strong as ever with the boys landing no fewer than 19 fish over 30kg with the best going 40kg on the nose. The Three Kings just keeps on turning out stunning trips one after the other , this place Rocks big time. cheers Lance  
Kingo in love

Lance 32kg

Lance and Kingo both in the 30's

Brad 33kg

Dan 40kg

Jamie 37kg

Darrell 34kg

Ricky 37kg

Stu 30kg

Bass fishing at it's best everyone hooked up !!!!

Lance great double of bass

Darrell 45kg bass

Kingo 46kg bass

Crewman Dave lands his biggest bass 48kg

Kingo 36kg

Stu with the best bass at 58kg

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