Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three Kings still firing

Danial 34kg 

Ricky 33kg
 Hi all, well the kings keeps on firing in the way of some hog kingis and puka. Latest trip was jiggers from Singapore and the 3 kings turned it on with some great weather and great fish to boot, best went to Danial Wee at 37kg with many more close behind.  Puka were found in good numbers with Steve landing the best at 38kg, Again marlin were slow with only 1 shot as we traveled around the banks, not sure why the becky's are not there in numbers as the water is warm and blue with plenty of bait around as well. till next week cheers Lance
here's what a 3 kings kingi can do to your best rod

Danial  and Derdrick on a hot bite

Steve 38kg puka

You know they are big when it takes 2 people to hold up for a photo

Steve's p.b at 35kg

Hot bite on the king bank

Ricky happy with his jig caught puka

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  1. Lance & Steven, on behalf of the guys, we Thank You for another amazing trip! See you in 2014!