Monday, May 27, 2013

More Three King Monsters

Layton  41kg kingi
Hi all, well the kings keep on producing monsters trip after trip with the latest no exception. We had a great bunch of southern men on board and despite the nasty weather 40kts plus they still managed to land some great fish with the best kingi going 41kg , best bass 52kg and a monster hapuka or groper if you are from the south that went a huge 46kg. Marlin are still around with us pulling the hooks on one after a two hundred meter run, We all so had Geoff Thomas from the TV show Outdoors With Geoff on board filming the action so look out for it in the next 3 or 4 weeks it will be a good watch till next week cheers Lance
Snow with his 46kg puka

Chris with this mule of a bass 52kg

Murray with his hog bass at 42kg

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  1. We also experience to catch a gigantic fish one time and it's a dogtooth tuna. The feeling was awesome! We really had one of the best fishing adventures that time. That was when we went to Vanuatu fishing charters. Hope we can do that again!