Monday, May 20, 2013

Land of the giants

hi all just had an absolute stunner of a trip getting some giant bass while they are coming up into the shallows for spawning, with a whopping 65kg 61kg with a few more breaking the 50kg mark giving the boys a real run for there money. kingfish are also hot on the king bank giving us some hell sessions on these giants managing to get 18 kingfish over 30kg. Marlin have been a little slow but we managed to get a very nice one an a 104kg giving us some awesome aerobatics. the weather was also kind enough to give us another chance at a broad bill but luck was not on our side as we pulled the hooks on two swords. Till next week cheers Steve.
Brendons 33kg

Royce with his 36kg monster

Darren with a huge bass weighing in at 65kg

Quintin an Chris kick the day off with this nice double

Robs 34kg kingi

Brenden with another hog 35kg

hold on!!

spin rod being horse shoed over the rail by big kingfish

Darren with a 36kg kingfish

Quintins 61kg bass

Chris with a 48kg bass

Brenden with a massive hapuka 41kg

Chris with his 37kg kingi

Royce with another 33kg kingi

awesome shot of Chris's stripy going ballistic 

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