Monday, May 27, 2013

More Three King Monsters

Layton  41kg kingi
Hi all, well the kings keep on producing monsters trip after trip with the latest no exception. We had a great bunch of southern men on board and despite the nasty weather 40kts plus they still managed to land some great fish with the best kingi going 41kg , best bass 52kg and a monster hapuka or groper if you are from the south that went a huge 46kg. Marlin are still around with us pulling the hooks on one after a two hundred meter run, We all so had Geoff Thomas from the TV show Outdoors With Geoff on board filming the action so look out for it in the next 3 or 4 weeks it will be a good watch till next week cheers Lance
Snow with his 46kg puka

Chris with this mule of a bass 52kg

Murray with his hog bass at 42kg

Monday, May 20, 2013

Land of the giants

hi all just had an absolute stunner of a trip getting some giant bass while they are coming up into the shallows for spawning, with a whopping 65kg 61kg with a few more breaking the 50kg mark giving the boys a real run for there money. kingfish are also hot on the king bank giving us some hell sessions on these giants managing to get 18 kingfish over 30kg. Marlin have been a little slow but we managed to get a very nice one an a 104kg giving us some awesome aerobatics. the weather was also kind enough to give us another chance at a broad bill but luck was not on our side as we pulled the hooks on two swords. Till next week cheers Steve.
Brendons 33kg

Royce with his 36kg monster

Darren with a huge bass weighing in at 65kg

Quintin an Chris kick the day off with this nice double

Robs 34kg kingi

Brenden with another hog 35kg

hold on!!

spin rod being horse shoed over the rail by big kingfish

Darren with a 36kg kingfish

Quintins 61kg bass

Chris with a 48kg bass

Brenden with a massive hapuka 41kg

Chris with his 37kg kingi

Royce with another 33kg kingi

awesome shot of Chris's stripy going ballistic 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More sword fighting at the Three Kings

Coxy with a nice 30kg king
Hi all, well the kings just keep on turning out great trips one after the other with the latest no exception. Andrew Cox of Hunting fishing and camping Aus lead a bunch of hard core jiggers on a storming raid at the kings with stunning results. Highlight of the trip had to be the epic battle of Nigel's the lasted 4 long hours before a 250kg broadbill  hit the deck, it took 5 men with gaffs to boat the monster, well done mate you deserved that beer. Kingi's again proved to be smashing the metal with the group landing a total of 10 over the magic 30kg mark and many more in the high 20's, when that was done it was onto bass with the best going to Mark, a  great fish that went 57kg with coxy and Buzz not far behind. Marlin were also on the menu with Andy and KTM releasing fish that went 90kg and 100kg. Top water  was firing as well with the boys having a great session around the island with fish to 31kg but lots more in the high and low 20's. Man if this group fell down a toilet they would all come back with gold watches everything they turned there hand too they scored. Well done guy's you had a stunning trip cheers Lance.
KTM  with his 32kg king

Andy 34kg king

Coxy testing out the new proto type J.M 

More in the 30's for Coxy

Nigel with his epic sword est 25okg

One of 2 stripey's that were tagged and released by Ktm and Andy

Buzz stoked with his 33kg king

Sammy getting a workout 3 kings style 

Mark with the best bass at 57kg 

Coxy with a 43kg bass

Mark 31kg at the islands

Buzz 40kg bass

Sammy in the 30's as well

Andy getting bent bad

Nigel 34kg king 

Getting busy photo,boated and released, hot bite

Double release 

Crewman David stoked to win the crew jig off at 28kg 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sword fighting at the kings

Mark 100kg sword
Hi all, well we have been sword fighting at the three kings and were lucky enough to land 2 beasts and pulled the hooks on another, great fish to battle with Carl's taking 3 hours and est 150kg, Marks est 100kg and 45 min to land. Kingi's again turned it on with some real pigs best went to John at 38kg, with many close behind. Bass were biting well with mark landing this hog at 49kg well done guy's you had a stunner of a trip. till next week cheers Lance
Mark and Carl with their swords 

100kg and 150kg swords

Mark 49kg bass

Roudy 40kg bass

Mark 35kg

Regan 36kg

Roudy 33kg

Colin 30kg

John 38kg

More kingi carnage 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three Kings still firing

Danial 34kg 

Ricky 33kg
 Hi all, well the kings keeps on firing in the way of some hog kingis and puka. Latest trip was jiggers from Singapore and the 3 kings turned it on with some great weather and great fish to boot, best went to Danial Wee at 37kg with many more close behind.  Puka were found in good numbers with Steve landing the best at 38kg, Again marlin were slow with only 1 shot as we traveled around the banks, not sure why the becky's are not there in numbers as the water is warm and blue with plenty of bait around as well. till next week cheers Lance
here's what a 3 kings kingi can do to your best rod

Danial  and Derdrick on a hot bite

Steve 38kg puka

You know they are big when it takes 2 people to hold up for a photo

Steve's p.b at 35kg

Hot bite on the king bank

Ricky happy with his jig caught puka