Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Diving the three kings

Grant with his P.B speared kingfish
 Hi all, just returned from a great trip  with the free diving guru Darren Shields and his crew of expert divers. Four days were spent free diving around the three kings group with the  main focus to film the amazing fish life there. The group were very selective in what was shot with spears, with them only wanting a few trophy's. Rachel very unlucky not to get the W.R ladies with a fish that went 36.3kg  three days later. Our crewmen steven and david tried  there hand at free diving and speared their first fish they now are converted spearo's. well done boy's till next week cheers Lance

Crewman David with a great double of crays well done slappy

David  stoked with his first speared fish, nice trev

Rachel with the best kingi at 36.3 kg

Crewman Steve with his first speared kingi

The free divers wondering if its to rough to dive the islands

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