Friday, April 26, 2013

Three Kings All Good an getting Better

The crew help Brett hold up his double header
 Hi all, the Three Kings are good and betting better by the day . Big statement but true latest trip was one out of the box as they say with kingi's biting like no tomorrow, some of the hottest kingi action yet with the boys from Hi way stabilizers having a slammer of a trip in all the madness we really did lose count of how many over 30kg were landed but there was many. Bass and hapuka were back on the bite as well with the boys landing some real hogs best went to rob at 48kg well done Rob you had a blinder mate, marlin still prove to be very patchy but we believe this will change as many fish are still down the coast and water temps are still holding in at 20deg. till next week cheers Lance
Rob with the best at 48kg

Brett's 42kg bass

James happy with his 30kg bass

Trevor battles on the heavy  gear 

Brett 33kg

Marty 30kg

Rob with 1 of his many over 30kg

Trev changes to the light jig gear

Rob more over 30

Marty getting bent

Hot bite on the King Bank

Trev 31kg

James 30kg

 Marty 34kg puka

Mike 45kg oil fish

Brett  34kg

Trev 36kg

Brett 32kg

Neville 34kg

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Mike 35kg

Friday, April 19, 2013

Three Kings Good Times Keep Rolling

Abri 36kg bass
 Hi all, well the good times keep on rolling at the Three Kings. Latest trip was all smiles apart from some shocking weather worst blow for ages in fact so bad we had to shorten the trip up by one day, but it didn't slow the fishing any with the boys finding some stunning bass and some hog kingis. Sharks are starting to be a real problem on the middlesex bank with them so bad at times that we just can't fish some of our better spots without losing  fish after fish to the scumbags, we will not sacrifice kingis to them so we just move on when they show up. Marlin again prove to be very patchy with most of our bites coming from along the coast, get to the kings and you have driven past some of the best fishing. till next week cheers Lance 
Cornelis 40kg bass

Knobby 42kg bass

Fanus 30kg kingi

Abri 39kg kingi

Abri   37kg kingi

Cornelis  feeling the burn

Cornelis 38kg kingi

Lal  Testing out the big MC Works 538XX

Knobby 32kg 

Lal  32kg Puka on the jig

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Three Kings Kingi paradise

Craig with 1 of his 9 over 30kg
 Hi all, the Three kings is kingi paradise at the moment with the latest trip a slammer in the way of monster kings. Kingi fishing doesn't get any better really with 19 kingi's over the 30kg mark, Craig had a blinder with 9 over himself and the best at 41kg well done Craig, Top water and jigging around the islands has picked up with many fish in the high 20's found. Bass were on the bite as well with the boys securing a feed in 4 short drifts, again hats off to them for being very Conservative and stopping when a modest feed was caught of these very slow growing fish. Marlin were slow with only 1 being hooked and tagged by Brad. Till next week cheers Lance  
Paul 31kg

Craig 33kg
Brad 32kg

Bashy bent BAD !!!

Bashy 34kg

Craig 35kg

Craig with the J.M Enchanter special railed as 

Bashy still trying to brake the magna

Craig 38kg

Paul 34kg

Craig 41kg

Craig 34kg

Paul 35kg

Craig 28kg 

The islands in close fishing well

Paul 38kg  bass

Craig with a great double of bass