Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Chris 28kg
 Hi all  well the stunning kingi run continues, latest trip was guru Chris Wong and his merry jigging men  wanting to test some of there new jigstar rods and what better place than the three kings to do the job, the boys put the new gear to the test and i must say very impressive indeed, when the dust settled they had 8 kingis over 30kg with the best going 37kg , some monster hapuka also fell to the metal with Rob landing  the best at 40kg . Bass were found but no real hogs with Chris landing the best at 35kg. Bad  news is that some of the best kingi fishing was ruined by big bronzies, they were so bad that we had to drive away and find other spots, as we will not sacrifice fish after fish to the mongrels. Water temp has taken a bit of a dive with the king bank losing some of it's best water and going down to 19c  this will change as soon as we loss the bloody easterly winds that continue to make our lives hard work. till next week cheers Lance
Big rob testing the new 450

Tough job this tackle testing

Dobby  with a nice kingi around the islands

Armond 31kg

Chris 36kg

Another in the 30's for Chris

Big Rob with the best at 37kg

Mr meargi 35kg puka

Rob 40kg puka

Dobby testing the new 350 jig star

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