Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Kings simply the best

Bulla Bulla 35kg

Hot Dog 32kg
 Hi all, well as the title states the three kings at the moment are simply the best , best kingi fishing , best marlin fishing, best fishing all round. The latest trip was one out of the box with kingi's that don't get any better unreal bite with the boys landing 26 fish over 30kg and the largest pulling the scales down to 40kg on the nose, then throw in 5 marlin and a 186kg bluefin and you can see what I'm talking about it really doesn't get any better. We said this year was going down as the year of the kingi and by the looks of it  we were right, boat records just keep on getting broken when it comes to kingi's  long may it last and there is still a lot of this season to go. Till next week cheers Lance
Te Maori 36kg

Peanut 33kg

Tag n Released

Peanut 32kg

Peanut 31kg

Kitchen Bitch 32kg

Hot Dog 33kg

Peanut 34kg

Boy's hooked up

Te maori 31kg

Kitchen Bitch 35kg

Marmite 32kg

Hot Dog 36kg

Marmite 186kg Bluefin

Marmite's Bluefin

Kitchen Bitch 32kg

Tag n release

tag n release

Bulla Bulla 40kg

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