Wednesday, March 13, 2013



j.p 32KG
 Hi all well  it's all good at the kings , the last trip was yet another stunner.  The red hot kingi fishing continues with the boy's nailing 13 over the 30kg mark with the best going 39kg, Bass and puka were on the bite as well with the top two 50 and 51kg . Then it was marlin time with three nailed two on baits and one on a lure, great fun with the double on baits we had 1 up the bow and another at the stern both screaming line out in either directions. Then the boy's finished up with a dive at the islands stunning viss with a bag of cray's to boot Top trip, top blokes all good till next week cheers Lance
Matty's stripey tagged n released

Double trouble high 20's

Max 39kg

Nigal 32kg

Shane 35kg

J.p 31kg

Shane 36kg

Lumby 30kg

Chucky 32kg

Lumby 36kg

Chucky 50kg bass

Lumby's 51kg bass

matty's 33kg

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