Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Ranfurly Monsters

Roudy helped by his mate to hold up this 46 kg
 Hi all, well the banks are still turning out stunning trips one after the other with the latest trip another goody in the way of some of the biggest bass we have seen in a long while. This season has been red hot for kingis but we haven't seen many monster bass that the ranfurly is so well known for but no one told Roudy and his motly crew as they pulled up some true monsters with the best going 51kg and second place 46kg with a few more in the high 30's as well. Then onto the kingi's and while they had  fun with the green backs no real hogs were found with the best kingi going 28kg oh well you cannot win them all. Just been a great season on the Furly long may this special place in paradise last and the way its fished by the few charter boats that go there it will with 98% of all kingis released to fight another day, and groups that target bass and puka happy to change species once a good feed has been secured. Great to see cheers Lance 
Colin Green with the best at 51kg

Carl holds up the best kingi at 28kg

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