Friday, February 8, 2013

Ranfurly Banks

Potsy with a nice brace of puka
 Hi all, well the good times keep on rolling with the latest trip down the ranfurly producing some great bottom fishing, if you like to bottom bounce as we say it's all good with puka, bass and now bluenose falling to the deep water drifters.Best bass was a respectable 42kg and the best bluenose went 20kg , throw in a few hog trumpeter and some  good kingi's and it made for a slammer of a trip for Michael Buckland and his mates, well done boys you sure seen the furly at at's best and worst with 10 kts variable winds 1 day and 40kts gail the next.till next week cheers Lance
The best bass at 42kg

bluenose are biting welll

Michael with a great trumpter 

Michael with the best kingi at 28kg

many more kingis went in the high 20's

Don with a great double of bluenose

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