Saturday, February 23, 2013


 Hi all well the three kings are firing big time, Just returned from our first trip up there with the boys from Jigstar Africa and what a trip it was with 13 kingi's over the magic mark of 30 and 3 over 40kg, all fish were sling weighed an released, what a stunning effort from the team of saffa's. We fished both king and middlesex banks with the king bank proving to be rightly named as king of the kings with most of the hogs coming  from there. Bass and puka also were found in numbers with some great fish of both species  but no real showstoppers caught. Marlin was not on the target list but we had to tow a few lures as we steamed from spot to spot with this nice stripey nailing a lure on the middlesex
This is part 1 of a two part trip with jigstar, will post on return how we get on with the second bunch. cheers Lance





35kg puka

tag n released stripey

getting bent


feeling the burn



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ranfurly finishes the way it started

John 34kg

Simon with the best at 37kg
Hi all, well as you read this Enchanter and crew head north to the 3 kings for the next 4 months and leave behind the famous Ranfurly banks in great shape. WoW what a season we had on the ranfurly with trip after trip getting smashed by monster kingi's . This year will go down as the year of the kingi with the most over 40kg ever, and the biggest going 49kg with many more hooked that just did not stop. The last trip was yet another slammer with the boys from Hi way stabilizers nailing 10 over 30kg with the best going 37kg. Bass hapuka and bluenose were all on the bite as well with many doubles of both species and the best going 39kg well done guy's.

Big news is that we now have the mighty Cova Rose to help us hunt down the Ranfurly monsters, and with Enchanters second skipper Steven Gray at the helm, the fish will have few places to hide. Both boats will hunt in packs,  same secrets, same spots and same great service. till next week cheers Lance
Simon with his 32kg

Andrew with a nice 34kg 

More in the 30's

Earl with his 33kg

Simon again braking the 30's

John with a great double of bluenose

John's second over 30kg
Puka came in two by two

Andrew with the best bass at 39kg

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ranfurly Banks

Potsy with a nice brace of puka
 Hi all, well the good times keep on rolling with the latest trip down the ranfurly producing some great bottom fishing, if you like to bottom bounce as we say it's all good with puka, bass and now bluenose falling to the deep water drifters.Best bass was a respectable 42kg and the best bluenose went 20kg , throw in a few hog trumpeter and some  good kingi's and it made for a slammer of a trip for Michael Buckland and his mates, well done boys you sure seen the furly at at's best and worst with 10 kts variable winds 1 day and 40kts gail the next.till next week cheers Lance
The best bass at 42kg

bluenose are biting welll

Michael with a great trumpter 

Michael with the best kingi at 28kg

many more kingis went in the high 20's

Don with a great double of bluenose

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Ranfurly Monsters

Roudy helped by his mate to hold up this 46 kg
 Hi all, well the banks are still turning out stunning trips one after the other with the latest trip another goody in the way of some of the biggest bass we have seen in a long while. This season has been red hot for kingis but we haven't seen many monster bass that the ranfurly is so well known for but no one told Roudy and his motly crew as they pulled up some true monsters with the best going 51kg and second place 46kg with a few more in the high 30's as well. Then onto the kingi's and while they had  fun with the green backs no real hogs were found with the best kingi going 28kg oh well you cannot win them all. Just been a great season on the Furly long may this special place in paradise last and the way its fished by the few charter boats that go there it will with 98% of all kingis released to fight another day, and groups that target bass and puka happy to change species once a good feed has been secured. Great to see cheers Lance 
Colin Green with the best at 51kg

Carl holds up the best kingi at 28kg