Monday, January 28, 2013

More Ranfurly Mules


Sweden with his 28kg
 Hi all , well the madness on the Ranfurly still remains. Last trip was yet another stunner with the boys from Aus smashing big kingis up day after day, we were blessed with 4 days of flat calm seas and had an amazing run on the big reef thugs, no fewer than 11 over 30kg and the best puka going 42kg. when will the madness stop, this year has been a winner on big kingis roaming the Ranfurly with trip after trip boys nailing their  P.B.s .The condition of the fish is great with most being fat as pigs, I think that the bait is in large numbers on the banks and these pigs are just happy to stay and feed till they bust, good for anyone wanting to target monster kingis , long may it last and i think it will as there is no real pressure on this fishery with 99% of all fish released to grow bigger and fight another day we live in a great place .cheers Lance
sharked trunk weighed 34 kg

Some nice bluenose fell to the jigs

Where is sweden

Matty with his mule

Moody 30kg

RAILED AS   !!!!!!!

Dan with his 32kg horse

More for Moody

Dan with another giant

One of many doubles

Sweden with the best puka 42kg

Thursday, January 24, 2013

White Island all good

 Hi all first report from White island for ages and the island is still all good with the boys from J A Russell getting right into the action with a great bite on the kingis, the fishing was as good as it gets with 4 and 5 hooked up at once and many of the fish in the high 20's the best going 28kg, they bit flying fish,macs, jigs you name it even an old shoe well not quite but you get the idea the bite was super good and lasted all morning till the boys put there hand up and said we done. so off to the terakihi and they bit as well with the group filling two bins of the silver sides, great day with a bunch of good buggers till next week cheers Lance

The boys with the goods

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ranfurly Banks the madness continues

Ranfurly bank flying fish
 Hi all , well as the heading says total madness continues on the Ranfurly with yet another stunner of a jig and popping trip. The boys from World Marina Travel had a ball with some  of the hottest kingi action on the bank to date, when all the dust settled they had an impressive tally of 6 over the magic 30kg and the show stopper that went 40kg on the nose. The thing that was amazing was the number in the high 20's lots and lots pulling the sales down between 25-30kg. Jigs, poppers and stickbaits all were working well with some of the big boys coming in on the stickys cool to see such a hot bite on top. Bass and puka fell to the metal as well but no monsters just some goodys in the mid and high 30's. They say let the photo's do the talking and to be true I must say in the madness we lost track of who's went what so feast your eye's on this lot  and roll on next week when we again head east with some very keen aussy's. Till next week cheers Lance 

Girls can catch big ones too

I know who is better looking

Friday, January 4, 2013


 Hi all,  well where to start just come back from one of the most epic stick bait fishing trips I have seen in my life,  and I have seen some good one's but this trip just blow us all away. We had the guru Mogi san with some of his extreme jiggers and top water expert's on board with enough tackle to start a good tackle store on the Ranfurly for a 4 day trip, the weather played ball and so did the fish in the way of three over the magic 40kg  mark and seven over the 30kg mark, best pulling the scales down to 49kg then 43kg and 41kg , sometimes the photo's just don't do the fish justice and so the case of the 49kg monster, in the flesh it was the biggest kingi we have ever seen if you look close at the photo, you are looking at it's belly and not even half of it's side, the problem we find with taking photo's of these monsters is the boys just struggle to present them properly so all big fish are sling weighed before release. The boy's only fished with top water bait's with very little jigging done and rightly so with top water going off like it did , at times there would be 5 or 6 anglers all hooked up on  good fish as well, the thing about top water thats so appealing is it's major visual, the sight of 20kg and 30kg fish shouldering each other out of the way to get at the stick bait is a real turn on, we even seen kingi's doing flips out of the water to attack the bait's. As the title states it was a great stick up best we have seen. Till next time cheers Lance       

a nice 30kegger

38kg beast

Chris with the second at 41kg

sling weighed no bull !!

released grow bigger you rat !!!

now i know why i brought good gear

sometimes they hooked rat kingi's like this one

multiple hook up's 

28kg rat !!!

two at a time 

every fish released to grow bigger

kingi's in the high 30's common 

every fish est over 30kg was sling  weighed

more in the high 30's



49KG OF KINGI SLING WEIGHED  photo doesn't do it justice