Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ranfurly Banks

Abri with a nice 26kg kingi
Hi all just back from the banks and well it had to happen after months of great fishing the edge has gone off the kingis. The latest trip with Fanus Crous and his friends and family was somewhat hard, the  boys put in a some big days with the kingi's just not on fire, they still managed some good results but had to work at it so all was not lost. The best fish a prime 31kg  fell to a jig no less and there were many more in the high and low 20's. yer I know you are saying whats wrong with that but this is the furly and we are just blessed with monster kingi's and when we only get 1 over 30kg we think our throats have been cut. Puka fishing was a wee bit hard as well with Vlum landing the monster of the pack at 50kg well done mate.
Nick with his 23kg kingi

Theo with a fat 28kg 

Vlum with his 50kg bass and proud dad

Fanus with the best kingi at 31kg

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