Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ranfurly metal storm

 Hi all, just back from the Ranfurly with the jigging guru Mogi youichi and his bunch of hardcore jiggers, and as the title say's nothing short of a major metal storm was had with many fish going in the high 20's and 3 going over 30 and 1 mule pulling the scales down to 41kg. Hats off to the boys as they had to fish in some shocking weather with most days blowing 25 to 30 kts and even more at times, Fantastic to see that over the 3 days that they fished on the bank over 200 kingis were caught with all but 3 released to fight another day and the 41kg mule swam away strongly to grow even bigger. Puka and bass were targeted with only small to average sized fish encountered not sure why the big boys are hiding at the moment but watch this space as this will change as the water warms up, like wise most of the kingis are in the deep with only rats invading the shallows this will also change as water temps creep slowly up. Well as you read this we are steaming full bore back to the banks so watch  this space  for a full report next week. cheers Lance
a nice 34kegger

2 goody's from a hot bite

41kg of kingi photo shot and released

another in the 30's

the showstopper at 41kg

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