Monday, November 19, 2012

Ranfurly land of the giants

Chris with a monster trumpet

Jason hooked up on topwater
 Hi all just back from the banks with yet another slammer of a jig trip, Chris Wong lead yet another massive metal raid on Ranfurly with again stunning results. were to start well to begin appox 250 kingfish nailed all on jigs with 5 going over 30kg and Rob's mule that pulled the scales down to 46kg- 101lb  truly the holy grail of kingfish and a mark not many if any will see in there lifetime , the fishing was super hot with many drifts 4 and 5 boys bent on good sized fish. Top water was good as well with Jason nailing the best on top at 27kg and to mix it up a bit trumpeter, bass and puka all fell to the metal baits, no real monsters on the bass and puka but great numbers with the boys nailing a feed in a very short session. The Ranfurly is just getting stronger with every trip a winner at the moment, as water temps continue to rise the kingis will become more aggressive as they rush to build up condition for spawning ,bring it on is all i can say. till next week cheers Lance
Rob with his mule that went 46kg
Tim with a 28kg

Rob again with his mule

3rd photo to try and show the sheer size of this monster 101lb kingfish

Jason with a 27kg  stickbait fish

Rob Wong with his 32 kegger

Richard  with his 30kg king

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  1. WOW!!! That is truly achieving!!! I wonder how the fishing pole stands the weight of this huge fish!!! I swear I will go with my husband next fishing trip to get this kind of awesome fulfillment!!! Two thumbs up!!!