Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Ranfurly Giants

44kg Mule
 Hi all, well Ranfurly just keeps on cracking out some of the biggest kingi's we have seen in a long while, in the last 2 weeks there have been 3 fish break the magic mark of 40kg, and some super hot bites with jigs,bait and stickbaits all doing the damage. The fish have moved up into the shallows as they get ready to spawn and we have found the deeper spots all go quiet. This week we seen an improvement on the puka with the boys landing some real hogs of them up to 35kg but still no big bass , it seems the puka have move in and the bass out just of late. Water temps continue to rise with them reaching high 16's in the afternoon so dare we say the trips down and back from the bank should start to prove more exciting in the way of trolling. Till next week cheers Lance
32kg puka

Al with the best puka at 35kg

another puka in the 30's

1 of many in the mid 20's

more in the 20's

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